Learning Targets

We aim to help our students to develop an ever-improving capability to use English through three dimensions: knowledge, interpersonal and experience. Within these contexts, students are taught to develop and apply an ever-increasing understanding of how the English Language is organized, used and learned.

Knowledge Dimension Target (K.D.):

  • To provide or find out, interpret and use information
  • To explore, express and apply ideas
  • To solve problems

Interpersonal Dimension Target (I.D.):

  • To establish and maintain relationship
  • To exchange ideas and information
  • To get things done

Experience Dimension Target (E.D.):

  • Respond and give expression to real and imaginative experience

English Learning


Pupils are benefited from a series of programmes and activities to enhance their abilities in listening, speaking, reading and writing.

Space Town Literacy Programme

Space Town Literacy Programme for Primary 1 to 3 contributes to the enhancement of English learning through exposing students to different contexts of using English and allowing them to build up interests towards learning English using a variety of self-directed learning activities and e-learning resources.

English Learning English Learning

Keys 2 Literacy Programme

A follow-up programme for Primary 4 students to revisit and consolidate their learning in the Space Town Literacy programme, further enhancing their skills in literacy reading and writing.

English Learning

School Based Reading Programme Funded by Scholar

English Learning

This program aims to provide students with more opportunities to use English in an authentic context. A part-time teacher who is proficient in English is employed to provide language activities such as story-telling during recess and lunch breaks. The teacher also conducts reading lessons, interview training and drama training for upper-form students to enhance their abilities in listening and speaking.

Online Learning Platform

A school-based online learning platform was design for all students to extend learning outside classrooms. Students can access during holidays on any devices for enrichment. Click here to login to the platform.

English Learning English Learning

School-based Reading and Writing Task Books

Our school-based Reading and Writing Task Books are designed according to the “learning outcome framework” to enhance literacy skills of pupils.

Curriculum Structure

Grades Programmes
Primary 1 Textbook – Oxford New Magic Space Town Literacy Programme
Primary 2
Primary 3
Primary 4 Keys 2 Literacy Programme Keys 2 School-based Reading Programme
Primary 5
Primary 6


Story-telling Gala for Primary Schools
Story Telling Story Telling
‘Hands on Stage’ Puppetry Competition
Hands on Stage Hands on Stage
English Day
English Day English Day
K2 Program
K2 Program K2 Program
P.2 McDonald Visit
McDonald Visit McDonald Visit