Learning Targets

We aim to help our students to develop an ever-improving capability
to use English through three dimensions: knowledge, interpersonal
and experience. Within these contexts, students are taught to
develop and apply an ever-increasing understanding of how the
English Language is organized, used and learned.

Knowledge Dimension Target (K.D.):

  • To provide or find out, interpret and use information
  • To explore, express and apply ideas
  • To solve problems

Interpersonal Dimension Target (I.D.):

  • To establish and maintain relationship
  • To exchange ideas and information
  • To get things done

Experience Dimension Target (E.D.):

  • To respond and give expression to real and imaginative experience in different contexts

English Learning


Pupils are benefited from a series of programmes and activities to enhance their abilities in listening, speaking, reading and writing.

Key Stage 1 - Space Town Literacy Programme

Space Town Literacy Programme for Primary 1 to 3 contributes to the enhancement of English learning through exposing students to different contexts of using English and allowing them to build up interests towards learning English using a variety of self-directed learning activities and e-learning resources.

  • Co-plan and co-teach with Native English Teachers.
  • Improve reading and writing skills through various strategies.
  • Motivate students to learn English through interesting activities.
  • English Learning English Learning English Learning English Learning

    Key Stage 2 – School-based Reading Programme

    This programme aims to provide students with more opportunities to use English in an authentic context. We provide structured and in-depth reading skills training for Primary 4 to 6 students and expose them to various text-types, cross-curricular reading activities and authentic texts. Our teachers also conduct interview training and drama training to enhance students’ abilities in listening and speaking .

                                              English Learning         English Learning

    School-based E-learning Platform – TKP Power

    We have launched a brand-new school-based e-learning platform exclusively for our students. With all content designed by our English team, the platform provides fun and interactive vocabulary and grammar practice closely linked with the school curriculum. Students’ knowledge and self-learning skills are developed when they learn online.

                                            English Learning English Learning English Learning

    Public Tests - TOEFL Primary®, TOEFL Junior® and Pearson Tests of English

    The school arranges public tests regularly to raise students' English proficiency through public assessments. By embedding public tests syllabus as enrichment content within school-based curriculum, we help students to gain a better understanding of their English level and get a leap to the secondary school English level.

    English Learning

    Extra-curricular Activities and Competitions

    The school encourages and provides trainings for students to join different Asian, Hong Kong-wide and inter-school activities and competitions includes story-telling, speech, writing/e-writing, translation, puppetry etc, in order to provide students opportunities to challenge themselves and show their talents.

    Curriculum Structure

    Primary 1 Textbook – Oxford New Magic Space Town Literacy Programme
    Primary 2
    Primary 3
    Primary 4 School-based Reading Programme
    Primary 5
    Primary 6

    Photos Corner

    Asian Digital Story Writing Competition “AI, Robots, Love and Peace”
    Story Writing Story Writing Story Writing

    ESF Island School Visit
    ESF Island School Visit ESF Island School Visit ESF Island School Visit

    The Little Maze Runner Competition
    The Little Maze Runner Competition The Little Maze Runner Competition

    Canadian English Writing Competition (Arch Cup)
    Arch Cup Arch Cup

    Story-telling Gala for Primary Schools
    Story Telling Story Telling

    English Day
    English Day English Day

    K2 Program
    K2 Program K2 Program

    Other Achievements

    Read Out Loud’ Competition
    Bronze Award - 5H Wong Pak Yu
    Merit Award – 3G Huang Ying Yiu
    achievements achievements
    TOEFL Junior Excellence Award – 6H Cheung Ho Yan